Gyroscopic Boat stabilizers (gyrostabilizers) From Clouds International

Clouds International BV introduced MC2, a series of gyroscopic boat stabilizers (gyrostabilizers). This MC2 gyroscopic boat stabilizers (gyrostabilizers) are suitable for larger yachts and smaller vessels, are very reliable and low in noise.

five models
Clouds International B.V. Lopik now provides a series of gyroscopic stabilizers (gyro stabilizers). The series consists of five types, the smallest one for boats up to 5 tons the biggest one is suitable for vessels of 80 tons, for heavier ships a combination of several units is possible.
gyroscopic stabilizers provide great comfort at a reasonable price.

Request a quote
Before we prepare a final offer, we would like to receive information from your boat. Using this information, our engineers conduct a preliminary study. Then they come to the ideal MC2 stabilizers for your situation.

Other characteristics
Our gyroscopic stabilizers (gyrostabilizers) provide roll reduction of between 65 and 85 percent, depending on the sea conditions.
Maintenance free.
No liquid cooling, no vacuum chambers.