Hydrotab Trim Tabs

Simplicity Reinvented
Hydrotab is an innovative patented trim system designed for maximized efficiency and optimization of boat control and characterized by absolute simplicity and robustness. Our trim tab interceptors are designed to operate in the harsh sea environment, and improve your boat cruising experience.


Designed to operate…
• Increased planing speed due to the correct angle of the hull, which also leads to reduced fuel consumption.
• Immediate response – accurate operation.
• Easy – simple- fast installation.
• Maintenance free.
• Fouling resistant due to the composite material of the blade.
• Self-cleaning.
• Robust INOX 316 steel housing construction.
• Due to its compact design and operation does not affect the reverse course of the boat.
• Shock resistant during repetitive boat jumping.
• Automatically retracts when the engine switches off or on.
• Thanks to its innovative patented technology, it creates high shifting forces that can easily break the fouling created on its external, remaining clean internally due to the dark environment.

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The Hydrotab Interceptors
The new patented technology of the Hydrotab interceptors is characterized by total simplicity.
Motion transfer is achieved through an extremely robust and flexible tube that inflates pneumatically and pushes vertically the new balanced “T” shaped trimming blade.
The absence of complex internal parts ensures longevity. Retraction is achieved by a set of powerfull springs.
High shifting forces created during blade movement remove any existing fouling.
This simple operating principal guarantees that the system will operate properly in the demanding sea environment.

Air Unit
Plug n’ play pneumatic unit
Push-in connection fittings

Hydrotab 3DHC Controller
New improved controller allows instant 3D control of the boat.

• User friendly operation
• Position indication
• Optimized position storage
• Auto Retraction on engine switch on/off
• Emergency retraction
• Ergonomic design
• Day & Night function

Indicative Sizing Table
The following table is indicative and it differs depending on the boat type.
It is always recommended to choose the biggest Hydrotab model that can be fitted on your boat.
Indicative Sizing Table

Note: The boat owner is exclusively responsible for the right selection of the model.

Boat ft Model
15-22 320BT
22-34 480BT
32-42 640BT
40-53 800BT
50-70 960BT
70 – 120 Combination of the above models(ex 2x 800BT or 2x 960BT)


5 Years Warranty

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