Stabilize your ship by using a gyro stabilizer

Stabilizers are systems that control (a damping effect) the roll of a ship, increasing comfort and safety on board. A gyroscope is a rotation symmetrical mass which can rotate around its axis. Stated simply, a gyroscope is a spinning top. The rapidly spinning gyroscope will resist opposing changes of direction against the axis. The roll of the boat both under power and at anchor is therefore dramatically reduced due to the gyroscope. The advantage of a giro stabilizer relative to other systems is that there are no components that stick out below water outside the hull. Moreover, these gyro stabilizers have a low (electric) consumption level, they are relatively easy to install and they require a little maintenance.

Clouds International B.V. Lopik now provides a series of gyroscopic stabilizers for ships of 5 tons. The series consists of five types, the biggest one is suitable for vessels of 80 tons, for heavier ships a combination of several units is possible.

MC2 10 ton-croppedkopie
MC2 10 ton-without cover